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Caring for the Elderly: Home Healthcare Services for Seniors

Home health care services have long been offered in the health industry. But they have become more been apparent during the pandemic. Many individuals, especially older people, prefer to get healthcare and support services in the comfort of their homes due to the threats of the COVID-19 infection.

In fact, home health care has been the fastest-growing sector in the industry. It is expected to grow even more, not only during the pandemic but in the next few years to come. Such growth can be attributed to the aging population, rampant diseases, technological advancements, and the wide acceptance of home health care.

If you have a senior loved one needing health care, here are home health services your elder can get:

1. Medical diagnoses and treatments

Most seniors have certain health conditions or even debilitating ones. These can go from as simple as arthritis to a mild problem like diabetes to as complex as cancer. Know, however, that elders and people with underlying health conditions are the most vulnerable to the COVID-19 infection. Instead of sending these patients to hospitals or medical facilities, bringing doctors to their houses can be the best course of action.

As such, on-demand health care like DispatchHealth can be your best option. You can work with a health professional who can visit your senior regularly and whenever necessary. This doctor will perform medical diagnoses and treatments based on your loved one’s health condition. They will also decide if your loved one needs to be rushed to a hospital for serious medical treatments or emergency cases.

2. Health support services

Apart from medical diagnosis and treatments, families can also tap health support services for their seniors. Some of these in-home services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and chiropractic service, among others.

While physical therapists help patients move their bodies, occupational therapists help them perform physical activities. Also, chiropractors help patients with neuromuscular disorders, such as spinal disorders, using chiropractic treatments like spinal manipulation. If your loved one suffers from back and neck pain later on in their life due to a previous vehicular accident, you can hire a vehicular-accident chiropractor to visit your home regularly.

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3. In-home Personal Care

Today, there is a call for personal care among health professionals. Patients believe that an ‘ideal health care’ has a human touch. This means that doctors and health professionals do not only perform medical diagnoses and treatments. They go as far as showing genuine care and compassion.

It’s good that non-medical personal care is also considered a part of home health care. For the most part, you must hire a nurse or a caregiver for personal care. This health practitioner will visit your house to take care of your senior loved one. The services include patient monitoring, providing medications, and other in-home services.

4. Home health aide services

Home health aide services are considered a part of home health care. These services include bathing, dressing, preparing meals, and assisting patients with urinating and defecating. They are all the more applicable to older people who have mobility and functional issues.

If your loved one is very old or already bedridden, you can get a caregiver who can take good care of your senior. Hiring a caregiver is a feasible option if you are busy and preoccupied with work. You need someone to provide your loved one with help, assistance, and utmost care.

5. Household Maintenance

Home healthcare services can go as far as providing health support and aide services. Know that hired caregivers and other practitioners can also tackle household maintenance. These services include doing the laundry, doing the dishes, housekeeping, grocery shopping, and even handyman services for the patients.

If you need someone to look after your loved one or a senior who has no one to rely on, hire a caregiver or other health practitioner. Your hired person will handle those household maintenance services mentioned above. This option is all the more necessary during this pandemic due to the threats of the novel coronavirus. You need someone to pay the bills, do the groceries, prepare food, and perform other errands for you.

Home health care is proven to be very effective and convenient for older people. It’s good how the health sector looks into bringing health care to the patients’ homes. Thanks to the advent of modernization, technological advancements, and the flexibility of health professionals, these health services have become plausible. Consider getting home healthcare services if you want to provide your older loved one with the utmost care and support.

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