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Achieving Healthy Aging: A Fitness Guide for Older Men

Your body will have different needs and require a bit more care as you get older. This does not have to involve a great deal of sacrifice or discomfort on your part. Medical science, technology, and new research into wellness and healthy living are constantly coming up with ways to improve quality of life.

Everything from genetic conditions to viral diseases can now be corrected or prevented. For instance, you can now get the latest ED treatment if you experience impotence. It does require you to make healthy life choices and avoid leading a life of excess, but it is a small price to pay for the ability to remain independent and mentally hale throughout your life.

The first thing you must do is focus on developing a strong immune system. This will reduce your likelihood of illness and give you the energy to concentrate on sharpening your cognitive skills and building up your fitness.

Check in with Your Doctor

Check in with your doctor and discuss a diet plan and maybe a visit to a nutritionist. Your doctor will best understand your health and the strength of your body at this time. They will be able to advise you on the best way to go about getting into fitness.

The nutritionist should suggest a good fitness trainer help you learn the exercises and movements you need to stay limber and avoid losing range of motion. Together, your nutritionist and fitness trainer should be able to help you find ways to enjoy your meals while eating delicious food and use healthy eating as an impetus to improving stamina and strength.

Reduce Alcohol

A cold beer might be a well-earned treat after a long life of working hard, but that is exactly what it needs to be: a treat. Alcohol can bring up many issues in an aging body that can lead to many unpleasant consequences.

First, beer has many calories, and when you’re retired, you may not be moving around a lot. This means all those calories are going straight to your waistline. If you drink a lot,  the alcohol negates the benefits of all the exercise and healthy eating you will do.

In addition, reducing your alcohol consumption can reduce your risk of cirrhosis, heart disease, liver scarring, and even cancer. It will aid you to lose weight easier, stay alert better, and generally improve your energy levels.

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Get Motivated

Find a reason or reasons to get excited about being fit. Do you want to see your grandkids grow up? Are you now free enough to hike the great trails you have always dreamed of? Perhaps you want to enjoy your hobbies without worrying about hurting yourself.

Many busy men only find the time to concentrate on getting fit once they retire. It can take a little time to develop the momentum in an aging body, but you may find that you really enjoy the controlled exertion once you get going. There is no reason you cannot have the best body of your life after 50 or 60.

Whatever gives you the drive, focus on it and let it keep you going on the days you do not feel like lifting weights. Your body and mind will thank you for it as you get older. Exercise will keep your body and mind feeling young even when the years keep adding to your age.  

Start Small

Exercise does not need to be done at a gym with free weights or on a big machine. It can be just 30 minutes a day of enjoyable physical activity. Set a timer and start doing something that requires a moderate amount of exertion from you, and you may come to find that it doesn’t take long and is quite fun.

You could take a walk with your partner, play with your dog, do some gardening, or through a ball around with your grandchildren. Just 30 minutes of this activity will count towards your daily exercise counter and improve your health. The stamina you build will make it easier for you to attempt longer periods of exercise or add more fitness routines to your day.                  

You can do many activities that count as fun or a hobby, which can help you improve your fitness. Join a walking group of men you have interests in common with. Start one in your community if one is not available. Walking around and talking with your friends will be so enjoyable you will not even feel the exercise and exertion.

Take up cycling. This is a great way to get fit as it is an aerobic activity that works out the heart and lungs. Your grandchildren will probably all enjoy going cycling with you, and you can use it as a special bonding activity with them that also gives your kids a chance to catch up on work or get some rest away from the children. You will be a favorite with the grandkids and a savior to your grown-up child.

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