How Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care Services?

According to the video “Medicare & You: Home Health Care,” many treatments that once required hospital visits or hospital admission to complete can be done at home nowadays. This is good news for folks who have to get qualifying treatments for their injuries, illnesses, and chronic health conditions but don’t want to lose their sense of independence and comfort by leaving home for them. For many individuals on Medicare, the first question they may ask about home healthcare services is whether these services are covered by their Medicare insurance. While every Medicare policy may be different, these services may be covered as long as they are deemed necessary and reasonable in a home health setting by insurance.

Before you can get home health care services through Medicare, you’ll need to have your doctor order them. Home health agency staff will then speak with you and your doctor to come up with a treatment plan.

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If you want to compare home health agencies that are covered by Medicare, you can visit the appropriate website to evaluate your options.

If your Medicare plan doesn’t cover home health services, you can speak with your doctor about other options. Switching plans may make a difference. If you have other types of insurance coverage, it may make home healthcare more affordable, too.

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