What are Forever Chemicals and Why Should We Remove Them From Our Tap Water?

Forever chemicals, scientifically known as PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), pose a significant threat to our water sources and, subsequently, our health. These compounds, with their sturdy carbon-chlorine bonds, persist in the environment and within our bodies, raising concerns due to their toxic nature.

The urgency to eliminate these chemicals from our tap water stems from their ability to cause harm, accumulating in the body and the environment with long-lasting effects. The complexity of removing PFAS presents a challenge; however, recent breakthroughs in engineering offer a ray of hope.

Chemical and biological engineers have devised advanced filtration materials capable of capturing a broad spectrum of PFAS compounds.

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This innovation allows for the concentration and subsequent destruction of these captured chemicals, breaking down the resilient bonds and effectively removing them from water sources.

The need to implement such solutions is paramount, considering that millions of individuals across the United States are exposed to these harmful substances in their tap water. Home water filtration systems equipped with specialized technologies hold promise in addressing this issue, ensuring cleaner and safer drinking water for households nationwide.

Investing in a home water filtration system not only safeguards health but also contributes to environmental preservation, marking a crucial step towards a future free from the threats posed by forever chemicals in our water supply.

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