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Careers in the Beauty Industry You Can Join and Explore

A study found that self-pampering can be a great protective mechanism for women groups who have a high risk for depression. But even without qualitative studies, we already know this to be true: May it be from our own experience or those of people we love. We live in a time when depression and other mood disorders can be so prevalent because of the COVID-19 crisis. Now is a good time for businesses and entrepreneurs to explore more self-pampering treatments and cosmetic procedures since there is market demand.

If you love beauty and make people feel good about themselves, a career in the beauty industry might be for you. Here are some potentially lucrative jobs you might want to explore.

Esthetician or skin care specialist

Estheticians are not quite dermatologists, but they work in the same lane. They specialise in the improvement and beautification of the skin. They may not necessarily be healthcare providers. However, they perform cosmetic procedures and treatments like facials and chemical peels with machines from companies like Alma Laser.

If you believe that preserving the health of the skin is crucial to boosting people’s self-confidence as they grow old and as time goes by, then this career might be for you. To be an aesthetician, you need to complete an apprenticeship and a program, pass the license examination, and maintain your credentials to practice.

Beauty blogger or influencer

Becoming a beauty influencer or blogger arguably offers the most straightforward path since you only need to choose a platform and work hard to build it. But this doesn’t mean that this career is the easiest to find success in. It will also require consistency, excellence, and dedication until you reach the numbers and level of engagement upon which you can start earning good money.

But the good news is that the pandemic has brought on a demand for more authentic and relatable influencers, especially since the past few years. With this, many prominent beauty influencers found themselves cancelled for a variety of reasons. In their place stood micro-influencers who truly care about their audience and aren’t just in it for the profit or the clout.

If you want to find success in this space, be someone that people can relate to, recognising their privilege and using it to help those who need it during these difficult times. In a time of out-of-touch influencers, be more than just a blogger; be a thought leader.

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Makeup artist and hairstylist

The live events industry truly took a hit due to the pandemic, and some of the hardest hit are those who work behind the scenes, like makeup artists and hairstylists. But now that the world is opening up again and many people and organisations want to go back to the swing of things, you might find there is still a market for these skills. People never stopped having weddings during the pandemic, albeit on a smaller scale.

With the proper training and experience, you can become the kind of makeup artist or hairstylist that foresees trends before they even happen. You can use social media to fast-track your way to working in the industry. Renowned makeup artists like Patrick Ta and Ariel Tejada were discovered through Instagram by Shay Mitchell and Kylie Jenner, respectively.

The Internet has truly become the great equaliser—before, makeup artists had to work for makeup companies and maybe find clients and work for brands the more traditional way. Still, now, artists can showcase their work through social media and build a platform that even celebrities can notice. Just work the algorithm and content strategy to your advantage, and you might catch the eye of VIPs looking for talent on their Explore page.

Fashion stylist

Fashion and beauty are always adjacent to each other, and you can also explore being a fashion stylist if clothes are more your speed. VIPs, celebrities, TV shows, magazines, and other forms of media are always on the lookout for talented people who can piece together different clothes to create a cohesive look. You might be the person who can make talents feel good about themselves when they have to appear on camera or in public.

If you love making people feel good about themselves, a career in the beauty industry might be for you. And at a time when people need confidence and self-worth the most, you might be someone who can help give it to them. Know what you can do in this sector and be the best in it. Good luck!

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