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Physical Exercises Suitable for Older Adults

Staying healthy is important for people to avoid getting sick and stay fit, which is important during a pandemic. But it is particularly true for older adults since it allows them to maintain their independence. It also allows them to avoid the risk of fracturing their bones when they fall. Physical activity also reduces the risk of high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

But they should perform physical exercises that are suitable for their age to reduce the risk of injuries. To protect against injuries, older adults should wear an elbow compression sleeve. The sleeve protects seniors when they engage in physical activities. While a doctor’s prescription is not necessary, they should consult them first before using the sleeve.

Some physical exercises allow older adults to stay healthy and fit even at an advanced age.


One of the easiest physical activities that seniors should engage in is walking. They should walk every day at their own pace. Walking offers a lot of health benefits and allows older adults to improve their well-being. It also increases their time of living independently.

Walking also strengthens their muscles and allows older adults to maintain their weight. It also prevents osteoarthritis and osteoporosis aside from strengthening the bones. Older adults will also notice that their coordination and balance will improve after including walking in their daily routine.

Older adults will also have more flexible joints and better stamina and energy levels when they include walking in their exercise routine. It also reduces blood pressure as well as the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

Aside from the physical benefits, walking also reduces anxiety and enhances the mood of older adults. It also allows them to socialize and meet their friends. But they should always observe proper health protocols since the pandemic is not yet over.


Older adults who are not keen on walking around the neighborhood should consider cycling as physical activity. They have the option of using a stationary bicycle or an outdoor bicycle. Even as cycling requires larger muscles to work, it also causes less strain than other physical activities.

It does not require a lot of physical skill. And once a person knows how to ride a bike, he will not forget the skill. Riding a bicycle allows older adults to improve their stamina and strength. It also increases their cardiovascular fitness and improves joint mobility.

Cycling also enhances coordination and posture. It also allows older adults to reduce the level of fat in their bodies and strengthens their bones. Additionally, it reduces anxiety and stress levels among older adults.

But they should also remember to take the necessary precautions to stay safe while riding a bike in their neighborhood. They should avoid cycling when the weather is bad and when the road conditions are not good. Moreover, wearing a mask is also recommended to avoid catching the virus, which affects people across the country.

Water-Based Exercises

People experiencing joint pain and arthritis should consider exercising in water. Water supports the weight of the body while providing natural resistance to movement. With this, older adults do not need additional weights when they exercise in water.

Due to this, older adults should consider performing water-based exercises, especially if they live in a place that has a swimming pool. Water-based physical activities improve the quality of life among older adults. It also improves their bone health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

They have several water-based physical activities to choose from, including swimming and water aerobics. These exercises include arm circles, walking in place, and leg lifts. Water aerobics also improves their strength, balance, and flexibility.


Yoga is another physical activity suitable to the needs of older adults. They have the option of performing this low-impact exercise anywhere, even in the comfort of their homes. All they need is a quiet place and a mat to perform this exercise.

Yoga reduces blood pressure and stress. It also enhances digestion and allows older adults to improve their balance, strength, posture, and flexibility. Yoga also promotes relaxation, which is helpful during the pandemic.

Additionally, yoga helps people with disabilities and chronic diseases. It allows them to enhance their orientation and body awareness. It also develops concentration and focus. Yoga also promotes a better quality of sleep and improves the general well-being of older adults. So, this physical exercise allows older adults to improve their quality of life.

Physical exercises are important to allow older adults to stay healthy and fit even in the middle of a pandemic.

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